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In 1987 was founded the Company Micros, with the aim of offering some supplies in the office environment. This Company was the embryo of what now GrupMicros is, a group of companies joined by the same goal: help our customers in identifying their products and making more profitable their logistics and productive processes. 

The trajectory of a steady growth and evolution towards the specialization in certain sectors have promoted the increase of new services with an important specific weight in the GrupMicros´companies, which ensure a more integral service to our customers. 

Nowadays, GrupMicros is composed of two companies that serve in different fields, offering global automatic identification solutions under the same brand. Services and products for warehouses and logistics and production processes; SAT (customer service), software development and label manufacturing. We cover from the pre-sale advice to a professionalized and quick post-sale service. 

We have the profesional work of a team of 50 people team, with global installations of over 2500m2. The headquarters is in Vilabella ( Tarragona ), and commercial delegation in Girona and Madrid, and a volumen of annual turnover of over eight million euros. 

The main target of GrupMicros is the same as the day it was founded: help our customers to improve the profitability of their businesses.