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Toshiba Aplex4 automatic labeling system

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 7:00:00 AM Europe/Berlin

Agilize your processes and automate your business

Aquest aplicador d’etiquetes et permetrà automatitzar els processos d’etiquetatge i donar una resposta eficaç, fiable i robusta a les teves necessitats.

Utilitza com a motor d’impressió les impressores industrials de la sèrie EX de Toshiba, que ofereix alta precisió i màxima seguretat, convertint l’APLEX4 en una solució fàcil i amb un dels millors costos d’operació (TCO) del mercat.

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Posted By Shira Becas

Label and cards printers (part 2)

Friday, June 21, 2019 1:02:14 PM Europe/Berlin

Card printers to improve printing in your company

The previous week we talked about the label printers that we have in GrupMicros, models, advantages and what they can be used for.

Today we are going to talk about card printers. They are essential in any business, but there are different models, so we tell you the characteristics of each of them so that you can get insurance and better the profitability of your business.

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Posted By Shira Becas

Label and cards printers

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 10:52:13 AM Europe/Berlin

The best printing quality with GrupMicros

One of the main pillars of GrupMicros is the printing labels. Between our machines and our personal expert, we have been specialists in labels for 25 years (you can see part of the work in

But we also help you to print what you need in your facilities. We have the best brands of label and card printers.

Do you want to know more?

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Posted By Shira Becas

Launch of terminal CK65

Monday, June 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM Europe/Berlin

Live presentation + free ebook

Honeywell has just launched the new CK65 terminal with the latest Android technology, and we have it available at GrupMicros! We have a special price for the renove plan of the old terminal, the CK3.

We invite you to the day that we will make next June 28 at the Fira Reus to present the new terminal and explan the transition from Windows to Android, with a gift ebook!

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Posted By Shira Becas

Terminals for your business

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 9:04:39 AM Europe/Berlin

Differences between PDA's and carretilla

Truck terminals are quite similar to PDAs, but they have some characteristics that differentiate them.

Do you want to know which one is most appropriate for you? Keep reading

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Posted By Shira Becas

Maintenance of Datalogic terminals

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 8:46:03 AM Europe/Berlin

100% peace of mind thanks to GrupMicros

Another week, from GrupMicros, we come tell  you information that may be of your interest.

A few weeks ago we talked to you about the Datalogic terminals. All the advantages of using them and how they can help your business. You can read it in 'Vehicles computers and PDA's for your business'.

In relation to the Datalogic terminals, we also have comprehensive maintenance and extended warranties.

Do you want to know more?

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Posted By Shira Becas

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