With your business objectives we design a customized software for your business

A correct software, tailored to your company that covers all the specific needs, will help increase the profitability of your business.

A few years ago, technology implementation was an investment; Now it is a necessity. You have to save costs and improve processes.

Today there are companies that sell business software, "standard" software. They can serve you for specific needs, but it is difficult to cover all the problems you want to solve.

In GrupMicros we have several software of this type: label editing,warehouse management, freight management and ERP. If you want more information we have a post in which we talk about its advantages: "GrupMicros Software, what is necessary for your business".



What is our method?

1. Analysis. We meet with the client to find out what he needs, his concerns and problems he wants to solve.

2. We elaborate a detailed customized project, where we explain the processes that we can improve.

3. Task planning

4. We lead the project from the initial approval to its full implementation


Advantages of customized software for your business

· Decrease in future expenses

· Increase in productivity, saving time

· High reliability

· Custom technical support

· Scalability of the business

· Increase your competitiveness in the market


Tips to know how to choose a good software development company


· It's very important that you tell the development company everything you need, what you expect from the software and the company, and your priorities, deadlines,...

Look at the price

· Software development takes time, dedication and an important investment. So, if a company offers you custom software for little money, think at what cost. If you're determined to invest, guarantee success.


· Regarding programming, there're many programmers in the marketing and very good. But we must also assess the experience they have with companies, advice, their methodologies,...

· Find a company with good programmers who also know how to adivse and discover your needs.


· The process of custom software development takes time, errors can arise that need to be solved, so you have to be flexible.

Organization and planning

· One ot the pillars for the company-client relationship is satisfactory is the planning and organization of tasks, steps, delivery times,...

· A good methodology with adequate communication is what is needed.

After-sale relationship

· Once the software has been implemented in the company, problems may arise, failures,... so it's important to know if the development company also offers maintenance.

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We know that each business is different, and therefore, you need differents programs.

Our extensive experience of more than 25 years allows us to know what is best for the client, advise and create custom software. With assured success!


"It's necessary to invest in the present. Only then will you be ready for the future"

GrupMicros, Smart Solutions