REA verifiers, what is necessary for your business

In GrupMicros we have several product lines to provide an integral solution in your business. One of those lines is about REA verifiers.

REA is a German company that develops code verification solutions for various industries and applications since 1982. 

• It’s the first option in precisión verification devices, for example in the logistic, pharmaceutical and automotive industry

• They allow analyzing and optimizing all types of readable codes

• They have the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating that our customers receive products and services in accordance with the highest quality standards in the world

Today we want to talk about two specific models, CHECK ER and SCANCHECK 3.




It’s a portable battery-powered bar code tester. A combination of a very small device that includes the powerful features of the REA VERIFIER product line.


• Built-in portable battery

• Large color screen with led lighting

• Memory for 1000 readings

• Compact and small design

• USB connection for portable printers



• Simple configuration

• Automatic size control and digit verification

• Verification according to the general specifications

• Multilingual user inference and verification information

• Simple software through the network or USB memory



The ScanCheck 3 model from REA is a high performance barcode tester that runs on batteries, according to current standards.


• Non-contact inspection with an optimized laser

• Keyboard with 22 inputs keys to configure and enter comments

• Suitable for large and small bar codes

• USB connection for a portable printer

• Communication with PC by network


• Verification/evaluation of the code according to the verification specifications ISO/IEC 15416 or ANSI

• Multiple measurement with an average of 2 to 10 possible individual measurements

• Automatic code size and check digit control

• Relationship monitoring for barcode width codes of two

• Multilingual reports and user interface


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