Meet our brand of high quality label printing

Today we want to talk about a very important part of our business, the printing of labels by the hand of

In 2013, the GrupMicros brand was created specializing in the printing of high quality labels for products that demand a high visual impact (wine, champagne, beer, oils,...).



· We have been experts in label printing for 25 years.

· We have the best tools and a fully professional prepress departament.

· We help the client to choose the printing techniques and finishes that are most convenient for him to have a perfect corporate image, without leaving behind creativity and originality.

· Totally personalized customer service.



We also work on a wide range of labels adapted to the needs of the client:

Industrial labels

We manufacture labels from multiple industrial sectors: logistics, food, automotive, pharmacy, cosmetics,...

We know that each product, sector and industry need different materials and finishes, so we chose the one necessary to obtain the best results.


Product image labels

This is specialized side of We're aware that there are high-end products that require special labeling, quality and that's totally visual.

We print on all types of media (papers, synthetic materials, transparent,...) and we have the best materials and tools to do so.

We offer a solution that covers the entire process, from the initial design to the final application.


RFID and anti-theft labels

On the other hand, at GrupMicros we're also experts in RFID technology, and we supply this type of labels.

We offer:

· Advice

· Project feasibility study

· Development of the solution

· Supply of the consumable

· Hardware supply


We accompany you all the way

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