What differences can we find in desktop and counter barcodes handhelds?

You have to differentiable between these two types of barcodes handhelds:

• General purpose handhelds: they are ideal for manual readings or readings in presentation mode. They also work with or without the use of a support, offering more operational options. Perfect for retail and inventories, since they’re the lightest.

The user’s confort is mainly sought, which is maximized with the constant red illumination, less damaging than the one that flickers.

This type of readers provide instant reading in all the common codes of 1D and 2D, among others.
There are several models that detect the movements of the operator and automatically switch to the desired reading mode. There are also others that are created specifically to read long and truncated barcodes.


• On-counter handhelds: these types of readers are designed for businesses that require a high performance compact scanner with vertical Reading, in order to capture the codes from different angles.

They work in cashier environments of very small store shelves, as they can be placed on the counter or on top of it.

They are fast, with an excellent reading of damaged, wrinkled or badly printed barcodes. In addition, they are perfect for daily reading activities, with easy to use devices, with good apparance, better qualities and reliability.


Within these two types of readers, we can find different brands and models. Here we tell you the main features about the counter readers.



- Vertical reader leader of its category in the market

- Quality and reliability

- Provide the best performance in its category by scanning in sweep mode and presentation

- Flash memory for on-site software updates

- Value-added features

- Industry

  • Retail: Point of sale



- High performance Imager technology

- Linear and 2D code Reading

- Flexible and updatable software

- Slot for micro SD card

- Capture images

- Industry:

  • Retail: Point of sale, mobile marketing, age verification, 2D codes



- Aggressive performance in 1D and 2D codes

- Powerful “Advanced data editing “for custom host output

- No moving parts to improve reliability

- Intelligent lighting technology Illumix

- Accurate speed in capturing images

- Industry:

  • Retail: Point of sale, mobile marketing, age verifier, 2D codes


- High performance in optional 1D and 2D codes to increase productivity

- Digital imaging technology eliminates moving parts that increase reliability

- Compact and ergonomic design

- Accurate image scanning capability eliminates non-readings caused by lost scan lines

- Compatible with WMI

- Industry:

  • Retail: Point of sale, mobile marketing, age verifier, 2D codes


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