Label edition and warehouse management, what you need for business

Today we want to talk about one of our business lines: software for companies.

Day after day, we work hard so that you have the best programs so that we can increase the productivity and profitability of your business.

Within the software line, we have different integral solutions.


Label edition

BarTender by Seagull

It’s the world’s leading printing software for labels, barcodes, RFID and cards.

The perfect solution for almost any marking or printing on demand application, including labels, print and apply, direct marking of parts and packages, advertisements,…

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It’s a module that is integrated into a3ERP and warehouse management modules.

It allows to define the relevant logistic labels both in the reception of the product and in the expedition.

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Warehouse management


The E-PACK SGA is a management system that allows optimizing all the operations carried out in the warehouse: reception of materials, locations, shipments, regularizations, transfers and inventories.

It provides information in real time thanks to the terminals and wireless networks.

Indicated to cover the needs of the stores of small and médium enterprises.

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It’s a terminal application to perform warehouse jobs.

It works through mobile radio frequency terminals under a Wi-Fi network infrastructure and with barcode label printers

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The E-INVEN module will help you with the generation of inventories through PDA terminals.

It’s broken down into two modules:

- E-INVEN SERVER: It’s a PC application that is installed on the server and allows the generation of inventories, review and generation of transfer to the ERP.

- RE-INVEN: Is an application for terminals that allows the generation of inventory in mobility.

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Freight management


This module will allow you to manage the shipments of the merchandise through any carrier.

Capture custom shipping rates for the company using an Excel spreadsheet. When a sales slip is generated in a3ERP, E-PORTES shows the carriers ordered by prices, from lowest to highest, and prints the labels of the carrier itself.

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a3ERP Plus

It’s a perfect solution for SMEs that need a complete ERP to control their businses processes.

- No limit of users

- Powerful

- Quick to implement

- Extensive functionalities

- 100% adaptable to the needs of the company

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a3ERP Profesional

This ERP offers you a 360º vision of your company, managing all areas:

- Management

- Commercial

- Purchases

- Logistics

- Production

- Financial


The objective is to optimize resources, simplify processes and help you in making decisions for efficient management.

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We also offer custom software and maintenance. We’ll talk about this in a post very soon.


If you are interested or have any questions about the GrupMicros software, contact us