The tactile computer that will revolutionize your store is already available at GrupMicros

The company Zebra has launched the TC8300 touch computer and we have it available at GrupMicros.

It's a revolutionary terminal for the company that has the most advanced Android platform.


Advantages of the TC8300 touch computer

· 17 Mobility DNA applications with high added value

The terminal has 17 unique applications that have innovatibe features, and you can increase your productivity significantly. 13 of them are totally free.

• Innovative design for greater speed

- With this new design you will no longer have to constantly tilt the device to verify the scans

- All-touch TE is also available, a Mobility DNA application that automatically converts "green screens" into interactive screens to make the task faster

- The result? An increase of 14% in worker productivity, the equivalent of an extra hour per day



• Maximum power for maximum application performance

• Better WiFi reach and speed with less consumption

• Bluetooth 5.0- double the speed, a four times higher range, lower energy consumption

• Battery autonomy for three shifts and unparalleled battery management

• Lifetime security protection for Android



• Warehouses/distribution

- Warehouse management

- Truck unloading and loading

- Product selection/replacement/packaging/returns,...


• Retail

- Warehouse and inventory management

- Audits and price changes

- Communications in the store


• Manufacturing

- Inventory management

- Recharging the supply line

- Maintenance/repair operations

- Verification



- Improves the productivity of the staff

- Improves customer service

- Minimize the costs of migration to Android

- Higher return on investment with a future-proof platform


This and much more is what the new terminal of Zebra TC8300 offers. You can get it through GrupMicros, we will advise you in the process

Take the productivity and confort of your business to another level