Limitronic and GrupMicros join forces

New distribution agreement in Catalonia

At GrupMicros we are very excited about the new journey we started with Limitronic with the recent distribution agreement in Catalonia for its high resolution inkjet printers.

Print quality is not only related to productivity and therefore we have joined. The technology used by Limitronic printers allows printing in high resolution and speed text, graphics or bar codes on all types of surfaces.

All this improves with efficiency in production processes, logistics and any type of operations.

Identification by means of ink marking

Limitronic is the first Spanish manufacturer of this technology with a wide range of Limitag printers, which apply online and on almost any surface.

Print identification marks such as linear bar codes, 2D codes, QR Code or ECC200 Datamatrix, preferential consumption dates, lots, complete ingredient information or full color logos.