Equipment that simplifies the everyday

One of our star products that increases productivity the most is the automatic label applicator for GrupMicros A3PALET pallets for any industrial environment.

It is useful for any business that needs to label products, from small to large companies.


What it's about?

It's an automatic label applicator that allows online labeling of pallets in all types of industrial environments with maximum security.

The control system, base don a PLC, has the possibility of using up to 4 degrees of freedom. In addition, it's adaptable for online printing on continuous process or on stopped elements.



Some advantages of the automatic applicator:

· Standard dimensions (adaptable on request)

· High speed

· Low cost

· Adaptable and configurable

· Fully flexible software

· Interface adaptable to the production line

· Possibility to work offline

· Direct support from the manufacturer


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