Portals and arches with RFID technology to increase your productivity

Do you know RFID technology and the great advantages it has for your work?

Today we want to talk to you about RFID portals and their benefits in the business environment. RFID (“Radio Frequency IDentification) technology allows us to identify various objects wirelessly. It is considered as the natural substitute for the barcode.


What is RFID technology?

RFID (“Radio Frequency IDentification) technology allows us to identify various objects wirelessly. It is considered as the natural substitute for the barcode.

This particularity allows that there is no direct vision or contact between the reader and the identified object. These objects must be identified with an element generically called "Tag" that transmits the data.

The basic solution of an RFID project is made up of a reader with one or more antennas, tags and software that processes the information received by the antenna.


What is AdvanPortal RFID?

It is an RFID-based traceability system that detects tagged items that pass through it in seconds and directly loads the resulting data into AdvanCloud.

It is used to track products in spaces such as distribution centers, small warehouses, etc. This portal has a very high reading rate, it can read hundreds of labels in a few seconds.

AdvanPortal is made up of:

· High power RFID reader.

· High gain antennas, with robust housing. RF cables

· Android touch screen, 10 '' or 16 '' with supports (optional).

· Bar code scanner (optional).

· AdvanCloud software (optional).




RFID technology arches

Like handheld readers, RFID tags are also used to identify objects, but instead of identifying them one by one, what they do is identify a large number of them. Normally, the merchandise that goes inside pallets or wheelbarrows.

Without a doubt, one more tool to install inside a smart warehouse and automate it.

And where are RFID arches or portals used? In loading docks and transit areas between internal locations, where products, raw materials or parts are transported continuously in wheelbarrows or pallet trucks.


The RFID portal

It is the solution for warehouse environments where automatic product reading is required.

With configurations of up to 8 antennas, it adapts both in price and in performance to the characteristics of each application, even in the most demanding ones where readings of thousands of articles are required with high precision.

The configuration of its structure is also variable, from portals with a metal partition structure, for those cases where shielding of the RFID signal is necessary, to more economical portals with anchorage to the mast or to the wall, taking advantage of the environment of the customer's facilities.




Benefits for your company

· Productivity and efficiency that translates into a reduction in identification times, as well as in the handling of merchandise. Aspects that make it work more efficiently and comfortably, which also translates into greater profitability for the business.

· ROI: These aspects discussed above ensure that the return on investment made in the implementation of RFID technology is assured, in the short, medium and long term.

· Stock control in real time, which allows us to know, automatically, the entries and exits of the goods as well as their situation. Therefore, the control of our stock is assured, minimizing the possibility of making mistakes.

· Traceability of raw materials and finished products, which allows us to know at all times where the products that have to reach our company are located; where they are located in our warehous


At GrupMicros we offer our clients and partners RFID projects, providing Know How, advisory services, design, software development, hardware, implementation, training and maintenance.

We have a team ready to offer and answer questions for any project development. In addition, we have demo elements for pilot tests.