¿Did you know that a 5% reduction in spending can have the same impact on profits as a 30% increase in sales?

Toshiba consumables are designed and manufactured to work in combination with the range of Toshiba printers according to different printing technologies. Improve print quality and offer the best visible results.

Some of the advantages of printing with Toshiba + Ribbon are the following:

• Better labeling management (barcode and/or RFiD) throughout the operation

• Optimized operations and assets

• Improved performance and better use of consumables

• Superior quality and durability

• Versatile solution

When printing in direct thermal, the thermal paper is in direct contact with the head and acts as a sandpaper by abrading the Surface of the head. The ribbon when placed between the paper to print and the head acts as a protective layer prolonging the useful life of the head.


Products of inferior quality can cause:

• Variable print quality

• Damage to the head

• Disability of the guarantee

• Expensive uptime

• Loss of business


In GrupMicros we are oficial distributors of the Toshiba brand

These are some of the types of ribbons that we have, with different sizes (all in boxes of 5):

• Ribbons I/SG2/OUT/G/NE

• Ribbons I/AG2/OUT/0/NE

• Ribbons I/AG2/OUT/G/NE

 We also have Ribbon of 800m, which will allow you great savings (decreases the number of stops per roll change)

You can save up to 1.476€ a year using the Toshiba B-EX4T2 printer and 150 mm advance labels with and average print of 10.000 labels/day. If you print approximately 50.000 labels, you can save up to 7.380€


Ribbon Toshiba