Print your wine labels faster with Epson

As we have mentioned on other occasions, the color printers of Epson they can solve many problems in different sectors.

Today we tell you the success story of an Italian vineyard, the Cantine Volpi company, which due to its volume of work and customer needs, needed to be able to print high quality labels themselves in the shortest possible time.


Cantine Volpi and his business

The Cantine Volpi vineyard (Italy) is one of the main wine producers in the country.

Despite being deeply rooted in the local area, they have managed to conquer other markets by exporting 90% of their products to 35 countries around the world, such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

They label about 4 million products a year, including the front and back of the wine bottle, and the wine boxes, and hire services from an outside company.

They always requested more labels than necessary to minimize printing costs, so many labels ended up being destroyed, thus wasting money and time.

And what was your goal? Tag faster and offer a customized product



Flexibility and autonomy as competitive advantages

When they discovered a new market for the creation of exclusive and personalized labels, they realized the great need to modify the labels at very short notice.

What were they looking for? A color printer that would allow them to print the labels they would need when the customer requested them. And they could get it thanks to the printer Epson ColorWorks 7500.


What did they get?

· Save on label printing costs.

· Reduce the time between the order and its completion, being able to complete a complete batch of labels in 30 minutes (before it cost between two and three weeks).

· A good value for money.

· Perform printing tasks completely independently.

· They do not need to have qualified personnel to operate the printer thanks to its ease of use.

· Time and consumable savings.


This 2020 revolutionizes your business and manages to increase the profitability of your business