Carretilla and PDA's terminal for  your business

We started this October talking about the Honeywell Tablet EDA70, an essential terminal in every business.

It's a tablet that also contains a 2D barcode reader with real-time connectivity.


How will it help you in your business?

· It will speed up the applications and essential tasks at work, and improve the productivity of workers.

· It delivers a fluid performance outside the company, where mobility is needed.

· You will have all the information you need in real time and in a totally secure way.

· You can transfer large files quickly.

· Workers will be able to use it for more than one full day of work thanks to its large battery.

· Being always connected, collects important information to place orders, validate inventory, search order tracking, discard items that have passed through the reader previously,...


Characteristics and benefits of the EDA70 tablet

Powerful and flexible Android operating system

· The operating system of the EDA70 tablet Honeywell will facilitate multi-tasking support and offer you improved security.

Large touch screen

· It has great capacity and resistance, as well as being visible both inside and outside. It also allows you to use it with wet hands.

Integrated barcode scan, easy to use

· It will allow you a direct reading of linear and 2D barcodes.

· It also increases the performance and productivity of your business.

Built for resistant environments

· The Honeywell tablet has an elegant and modern design.

· It's robust and is built to withstand falls to the ground of 1.2m and hits.

Flexible network coverage

· 4G LTE and 802.11 a/b/g/n support ensures high-speed connectivity to the external network or various networks in different environments.




The Honeywell tablet is what your business needs.

Contact us to acquire it or ask us your questions.