Consumables passport: Ribbon official

Day after day, there are many companies around the world that use Toshiba brand ribbon for label printing.

In GrupMicros we are oficial distributors, so we have ribbons of different qualities to cover every specific need in any sector; from high volumen of RFID labels and tags printing in the short term, to the printing of high quality labels. 


But...what happens if we don't use official ribbon in our company?

 Lower quality products can cause:

• Variable print quality

• Damage to the head

• Disability of the guarantee

• Expensive downtime

• Loss of business


Counterfeit products are illegal. They’re designed to look like the original products, but they’re sold at a lower price and are manufactured with inferior materials.

These products cost less money because they’re made of cheaper materials and faster manufacturing (which always lead to quality problems).

On the other hand, some buyers who are aware of the dangers of counterfeiting, opt for compatible ribbon (unofficial). 

Compatible products may be of inferior quality because manufacturers can shorten the manufacturing process to save money.


The result? A consumable created with materials of interior qualilty and without the strict norms of original manufacture.

These compatible ribbons can sometimes be more durable than counterfeit ones, but they can also damage the printer in the long term.

 The solution? Official Ribbon



Many people argue that original branded consumables are more expensive than other alternatives. The reason? Quality.

Cost of a printer = cost consumables + purchase price + long-term costs


Trust the experts in thermal printing

The Toshiba ribbon is designed and manufactured to work in combination with the range of Toshiba printers according to the different printing technologies they use.

• Improve print quality

• They offer the best visible results

• They cause minimal wear

• They lengthen the life cycle of the spindle


All ribbon products of the Toshiba TEC brand are made to order. This guarantees that the products are supplied “fresh” at all times, knowing their usefull life and quality.

At GrupMicros we distribute the products of Toshiba, the largest specialist in Europe in thermal transfer printing tapes.



• Your agreements with the largest manufacturers of printing tapes in the world, which ensure total compatibility and performance with the requeriments of each printer

• Approve only the finished product that has been produced according to its quality standards

• They perform life cycle tests of the approved tapes to protect the client’s investment

• They provide a wide range of qualities and sizes, more than 1.000 items, result of years of R+D


Quality is the most important thing in your business. Purchase official Toshiba ribbon and our experts will advise you