Agilize your processes and automate your business

Aquest aplicador d’etiquetes et permetrà automatitzar els processos d’etiquetatge i donar una resposta eficaç, fiable i robusta a les teves necessitats.

Utilitza com a motor d’impressió les impressores industrials de la sèrie EX de Toshiba, que ofereix alta precisió i màxima seguretat, convertint l’APLEX4 en una solució fàcil i amb un dels millors costos d’operació (TCO) del mercat.


Toshiba's APLEX4

This label applicator will allow you to automate labeling processes and provide an effective, reliable and robust response to your needs.

It uses Toshiba’s EX series industrial printers as the printing engine, offering high precisión and máximum security, making the APLEX4 an easy solution with one of the best operating costs (TCO) in the market.




Automation of labeling processes

• Pallet labels, shipping labeling

• Boxes/products of variable size in the same line

• Product labeling, food distribution

• Mail, transport, logistics



• Precise labeling of up to 1,800 products per hour

• Flexible and modular, ready to respond to any need for online labeling

• Easy integration into the production line

• High quality printing

• Ease of use and maintenance

• Cost savings. If your production is less than 1,800 products per hour, APLEX4 is the product that best suits your needs. You don't need to pay more for a complex custom printing system.



 Simplified management

• Cost savings

• Guaranteed investment

• Easy maintenance

• Productivity and maximum autonomy

• Multilanguage

• Security


Automating your production line now is very easy

Increase your productivity and reduce costs!