GrupMicros and Toshiba offer you solutions for your ecommerce

In the situation we are experiencing, many companies have opted for ecommerce to continue with their business.

Thanks to all the tools we have, it is quite affordable for most sectors. Today we want to talk to you about different solutions that we have developed between Toshiba and GrupMicros for the ecommerce sector.


1. Aplex4

The Aplex4 enables full automation of labeling processes and provides robust, reliable and cost-effective printing.

You can automate the manual process in addition to promoting social distance.

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2. FV4 Linerless Printer


The linerless material "linerless label" is a type of adhesive label without backing paper.

With the FV4 Linerless printer it is not necessary to remove the label manually, it has greater autonomy and efficiency.

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3. RFID Technology


Some advantages: reading of several hundred labels in a few seconds, easy traceability and monitoring of products, time savings thanks to greater efficiency, avoids stock breakage and high stock.


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4. Portables printers

Designed to improve the user experience, with easy handling and the flexibility needed to operate in the most diverse work environments.

Some advantages: It is very easy to use, small and light; great durability, higher speed and efficiency, flexible integration.

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5. EA4D duplex printer

The EA4D uses direct thermal label printing technology, which uses two thermal heads to print simultaneously on both sides of the label.

Improves productivity, saves on consumables and operating costs, Reduces over 40% of the total cost of a typical shipping label application process.

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