Meet all the brand models and what they can do for you

In GrupMicros we're specialists in terminals, and we have several models of the DatalogicHoneywell y Zebra brands.

All these models will help you work better, more quickly and efficiently. 

• The vehicles computers are resistant, fixed and mobile, perfect for warehouse vehicles. In addition, we also offer maintenance so that you forget any problema that may arise.

• On the other hand, the PDA’S (Personal Digital Assistant), are with as a small computer with touch screen that help you in your day to day in a simple way.

Some typical uses:

• Mobile phone

• Fax

• Internet explorer

• Personal organizer


Here we tell you some features and advantages of the most popular models.



Falcon X3

It’s a real-time, ergonomic and robust, easy and intuitive data capture terminal.

Some features of the Datalogic Falcon X3 terminal:

• 2D Imager with Green Point

• Bluetooth wireless communication

• Memory 256MB RAM/ 256 MB Flash


Terminal applications:

• Warehouses and distribution centers

• Wholesale

• Factories, automoble, industry

• Food/Beverages

• Pharmacies



Skorpio X3

This Datalogic terminal is distinguished by its excellent user interface, reliability, and Wireless communication, which allows for quick transactions and complete interaction with information systems.

It also has the ‘Green Point’ patented by Datalogic, which confirms the correct reading.

Main features of the Skorpio X3 terminal:

• Wide color high visibility graphic touch screen

• Laser scanner or 2D imager

• Compact, lightweight and robust


• Inventary/Picking

• Replacement of linear

• Price management

• Order entry

• Assisted sales

• Shipping/Reception


Tablet Honeywell ScanPal EDA70 with WIFI

The ScanPal EDA70 from Honeywell is a rugged 7’’ business Tablet that offers real-time connectivity, data capture capacity, reliability and protection.

Features of the Honeywell Tablet:

• Powerful and flexible Android operating system

• Easy-to-use integrated barcode scan

• Built for resistant environments


Zebra MC3330R

RFID and barcode reader that will allow you to have a better performance in your business and increase the productivity of workers.


• More comfortable and easy to use

• high speed operation

• High accuracy in RFID applications

Honeywell Wireless 2D ring scanner

The Honeywell Bluetooth ring scanner is a convenient and easy-to-implement productivity tool for all mobile operators that need to read barcodes. 

It incorporates the excepcional 1D and 2D scanning performance of the Xenon and Granit scanners.

Scanner features:

• Free hands

• Flexible, ergonomic and resistant design

• Bluetooth wireless connectivity


Memor X3

The Memor X3 terminal captures 1D and linear codes, and there is the possibility to choose between laser technology or imaging line.

• Laser models offer high reading performance and wide depth of field

• The imager models offer excellent performance in reading low-quality or damaged print codes

It’s also ready to use, equipped with a power supply, micro-USB cable and complete set of software tools.

Main features:

• Ergonomic, compact and robust

• XScale PXA 310 @ 806 MHz processor in Windows CE Pro models

• Datalogic patented technology 'Green Spot'



The Lynx PDA terminal from Datalogic combines the latest technology in a ‘pocketable’ and its robust packaging.

It also has LED’s to instantly provide battery charge status, good read indicator and keyboard status.


• Laser or 2D image reading

• 806 MHz processor with 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of Flash

• GPS assisted with the Qualcomm gpsOneXTRA system

Applications in the industry:

• Retail: Merchandising, prices, stock management, inventory, assisted sales and gift registry

• Transportation & Logistics: On-route accounting, direct store delivery, workforce management, value-added Courier services and ticket verification

• Manufacturing: Electronics and computing, food and beverages, marketing, sales and management


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