REA barcode testers

In GrupMicros we're specialists in label printers, barcode readers, terminals,... among others. We're also experts in verifiers, and we have the best ones, from the REA brand.

In a previous post we talked about the German company REA and about some models (Check ER and ScanCheck 3). You can read it here 'Code verification solutions worldwide part 1'.

Today we want to tell you the main features and advantages you will have when working with the Vericube and MLV-2D Matrix models. There're two REA models for 2D barcodes, 'Matrix Code Verification System'.



It's a barcode verifier that can be used in all sectors.


· 2D code verification device

· High quality aluminum housing

· Easy to change and scratch resistant glass cover

· Top plates with holes for mounting standard accessories



· Able to measure DPM codes (direct marking of pieces)

· Designed to operate in 3 positions: sideways, upright and upside down

· Measuring chamber darkened to avoid influences of ambient light

· Multilingual user interface, reports

· Specific code selection to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry




The REA MLV-2D devide has been developed in accordance with international standards, which will help you to obtain quality information. In addition, thanks to the REA TransWin32 software you can view all the reports you need.


· Integrated color screen, keyboard

· Compatible with the network

· Different lighting options (red and white)

· High quality metal housing



· Non-contact measurement through a CMOS camera

· Easily interchangeable camera modules to adapt to different code sizes

· Verification of optional parameters to optimize the printing process

· Easy to position

· It's capable of measuring DPM codes (direct marking of parts)


Ask us for any questions. At GrupMicros we're experts and we want to help you