Small printers with great solutions

We started this year with the latest Epson news, small printers capable of doing wonders… LabelWorks! And this week we continue with them.

There are 8 models of printers that allow you to make labels from smartphones and tablets with your free app. And labels with extra strong and magnetic stickers to place on the metal!

It does not matter if you work in an office, in a traditional trade, Factory, warehouse, sanitary or construction sector… There is always a LabelWorks printer that will increase the efficiency of your business.

Do you want to know how they can help you? What solutions do you offer? Keep reading!


How will they help you?

• For a well-organized office and work space


• Personalization and efficient asset management




• Management of shedules and products




• Meet the needs in the most demanding environments




• Materials and special formats for the identification of cables

Can be done with thermorectractile tube, flag type labels or protected labels



• Large security signage


• Gift wrapping at the point sale



• Adhesion labels by iron for identification at work




• Marking of pipes in industrial environments

Labels that support high temperatures



Some of the sectors where you can use them:

• Office

• Retail

• Sanitary

• Industrial

• Education

We also leave you a post where we talk about the labels

• The new Epson LabelWorks printers


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