Do you want a gift inkjet coil?

There’s less than a month left until this 2019 ends and we want to celebrate it with a good promotion and make it easier on this last push. In 2020 we will start with the new challenges, and it depends on what is yours, Epson printers will help you.

We have realized that color printers are totally necessary in any business. And in this month of December…


We have you a coil to print right now!


For each purchase of an Epson color printer we give you a coil of 102mm wide * 35m (continuous) Inkjet in matt so you can print your own labels.

I want to get my gift


But that’s not all… we can test print your labels with these printers!

If you are looking for a color printer but have doubts about the result, if it’s what you need or many more reasons, we can print your labels with the ColorWorks so you can see the results.

Ask us your questions and together we will do tests. If it convinces you and you see what you need with the desired quality…perfect!


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