The best color labels in the Epson hand

As many of you already know, until the end of this year 2018 we have an exclusive promotion for the Epson ColorWorks printers: free renting at 36 months and 3 years of free warranty.
In the last post we talked about the advantages of each of the printers attached to the promotion, and this week we explain what to do with them and what they will serve you.



The range of Epson color label printers is ideal for manufacturers with a wide range of products. Why?

• Capacity to improve inventory management

• Identification of the products

• Customer service


What can they be used for?

• Pastry products (152 x 102 mm)

• Product boxes (102 x 76 mm)

• Conduits (51 x 35 mm)

• Liquid cleaning product (152 x 102 mm)

• Assembly parts (127 x 76 mm)

• Products- cheese (76 x 102 mm)

• Horticulture (76 x 108 mm)

• Fresh food (76 x 76 mm)

• Pet food (102 x 80 mm)

• Products- coffee (102 x 80 mm)

• Products- ham (151 x 76 mm)


Pharmacy and health

The color on the labels of the health sector improves the visual recognition of vital information.

• Reduces the risks of the functioning of hospitals

• Guarantees better care

• Ensures patient safety


What can they be used for?

• Recipes (102 x 62 mm)

• Pharmaceutical (115 x 51 mm)

• Syringes (76 x 35 mm)



The fast, reliable and flexible Epson solutions for color labels can be implemented in various printing applications:

• Shelving labels

• Price tags and promotions

• Labels for products created in the store


What can they be used for?

• Catering, delicatessen shops (152 x 102 mm)

• Shelves (80 x 33 mm)

• Prices (51 x 80 mm)



With Epson ColorWorks printers you can:

• Produce tickets for events with a personalized marketing message

• Include the visitor’s photo on the identification plate


What can they be used for?

• Entry for events (119 x 80 mm)

• Identification card (80 x 54 mm)

• Identification for exhibitions (102 x 165 mm)


If you have questions, or want more information about the Epson promotion, you can contact us.