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As we already warned you, this year we stepped stronger and brought you novelties and exclusive products. And this comes with a price of scandal, the MC3330R reader from Zebra!

RFID technology is increasingly present in our day to day, and we have to know how to adapt to improve the productivity of our business and achieve greater profitability.

The Zebra MC3330R integrated UHF RFID reader

In order to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by RFID technology, you need to offer your workers comfortable devices, with high operational speed, easy use and precisión to applications of radio frequency identification (RFID).

How can RFID technology help you?

• Efficiency in inventory management

• Order fulfillment

• Asset control

• Etc.

The MC3330R reader from Zebra will provide everything you need to achieve your goals. In addition, we offer you a special price of 2.057€ (before 2.572,92€, you save 515,15€!)


Some features:

• Read barcodes and RFID identifiers

• It has an exclusive and resistant design of Zebra industrial and portable products

• It has the right ergonomics to ensure confort throughout the day

• RFID reading performance and receiver sensitivity are superior

• Allows ultra-fast capture of the most complex RFID identifiers

• You can also create intuitive Android apps to take advantage of the computing platform, the large touch screen and physical keyboard


Advantages of the Zebra MC3330R reader

• Low total cost with flexible development tools (on a single platform)

• Zebra’s exclusive ultra-resistant design

• Unparalleled versatility and performance in data capture

o Extraordinary RFID performance: versatile, fast and accurate

o Optimized sensitivity for greater accuracy

o Integrated reading of business-level 1D and 2D barcodes

o Easy-to-use location technology


• A powerful platform for demanding business applications

o Long-life battery

o Lightweight and optimized design

o Unparalleled processing power

o Compatibility with previous accessories


• Simplifies data loading with a large keyboard and touch screen

o Easily migrate to Android and modern touch interfaces

o Three options of physical keyboards

o Answer for any environment

Also, this Zebra reader will allow you:

• Count inventories and cycles

• Automatic replenishment

• Reception and control of losses

• Omni-channel order execution

• Search of articles


And regarding health care:

• Asset management (for critical goods)

• Search of articles

• Inventories of pharmacies and laboratorios

• Demonstration of stock in transit/inventory sample (manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals)


Get in contact with us. We will advise you and solve all your doubts so you can enjoy this Zebra terminal