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Industrial labels

GrupMicros offers a wide range of labels and answers to all the needs of multiple industries (Logistics, Food industry, Automotive, Pharmacy, Cosmetic, ...). Each industry or sector require adequate and specific materials for each application, and also a previous study to help us to choose the best option.

GrupMicros haves a wide range of industrial labels, on different formats and materials, with permanent stock of many references.

Product brand labels

Product brand labels transmit an appropriate image to the values and product quality. We print all types of media (papers, plastics, clear materials, etc.) with many different finishes (hot stamping, braille, lamination, etc.). We offer a comprehensive solution, from initial label design to label application on product.

RFID and anti-theft tags

We supply RFID tags, with a wide range of references, in order to ensure the viability of your project

The close cooperation between GrupMicros group of companies and leading manufacturers, and our constant interest in new technologies, allows us to offer a global solution in RFID, starting on previous consulting and viability study, developing the right solution and providing the necessary software and hardware.

For more information about equipment with RFID technology available, you can look at our online store or contact Customer Care, where you can ask our sales department to recommend the best solution for your needs.

We also offer solutions with insertable anti-theft labels on most product labels we produce.

labels manufacturer GrupMicros



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